If you decide to employ a PostgreSQL-driven script app on one of your sites, you should have an adequate amount of database storage for it, in order to guarantee that even if your website grows, it'll function properly and without interruptions. Putting additional products to an electronic shop or more comments to a community forum are just two examples of what may increase the size of your databases. In the event you use up all your space at some point, the performance could decrease or the website may not be accessible at all owing to the fact that once the storage space limit is reached, the script will not be able to save more content inside the database - user-generated or system one. Since PostgreSQL is designed for scalable web apps, it's very likely that when you employ such a database for your site, you'll need extra space for it as your website expands.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Cloud Hosting
If you choose our cloud hosting services, you'll be able to increase the content as well as the user base of your PostgreSQL-driven sites as much as you want because some of our packages include unlimited database storage space. Even if you get a lower-end package, you can always update either the database storage feature or the whole plan, to have sufficient system resources for your sites. We use a custom-built cloud platform and we've got a whole cluster for the database storage. As no other processes run using these servers, the overall performance is much better and we will put extra servers or harddisks when they're needed. Regardless of how many products you include in your webstore or how many comments users leave on your message board, you'll never experience any issues resulting from limited database storage space.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Servers
When you acquire a semi-dedicated server through us, you'll reap the benefits of our powerful cloud hosting platform. Due to the fact that the databases have their own cluster of servers and don't run on the same machines as the server or the e-mails, any script-driven site that you host here will work better than if it was hosted on a server where a number of processes run. The cloud platform is also the main reason why we do offer unrestricted storage for the PostgreSQL databases made in any semi-dedicated hosting account. You will be able to view the size of the databases you create inside your Control Panel, both the individual for each one and the entire, yet you won't be restricted with regard to how much space they could take, which means that your PostgreSQL-driven websites can grow without any restrictions.