The disk space feature displays the full volume of info that you could have on your cloud hosting server at any given time. With a personal computer, for example, this is the capacity of one hard drive or the overall volume of all hard disks in case that your PC has more than just a single one. The same way that your space on a personal computer is shared between installed applications, docs, music files and the like, the server hard disk space is divided between site files, databases and email messages. Every file, folder or email message will take a little storage space on the server, which means you should take into consideration a number of factors, not just the size of the files you upload. For example, getting sizeable e-mail attachments or using a script-driven site in which the user-generated info is saved in a database will also affect the space you are using.
Disk Space in Cloud Hosting
All our cloud hosting plans were made with the concept that shortage of storage space should not be something that can prevent the growth of your websites. Which is why we have used an approach which is more advanced than the one that most web hosting suppliers use - instead of just making a range of accounts using one server and subsequently not having enough hard disk space, we use a cloud hosting platform where the storage space is handled by an entire group of servers. Because of this, we can add more machines when they are required and more HDDs, in order to provide you with more disk space for all of the files of our valued customers. Separate clusters control your e-mails as well as the databases, as a result not only are you able to develop your sites not worrying about space, but also the servers will perform better and faster owing to the fact that each and every service features its own space and an individual server does not handle various kinds of files.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers
With all our semi-dedicated server packages, the hard disk storage characteristic is not limited, so you're able to concentrate on building your websites the way you'd like them to be and never be worried about hitting some restriction. Unlike a variety of hosting providers that create your accounts using one server, we take advantage of a custom cloud platform, which enables us to supply truly unlimited hard disk storage for every single account. With just a single machine, there are only so many hard disks which you can use, not mentioning that the most popular hosting Control Panels are not intended to function with a large number of servers concurrently. Our system, on the other hand, features clusters of servers for the website databases, files and emails, and our in-house made Hepsia Control Panel was made to work with it. We can easily attach as many servers to all of the clusters as required at any given time, so that the hdd space is practically limitless.
Disk Space in VPS Servers
Our VPS service come with a huge volume of hard disk storage to meet all of your requirements but not restrict the growth of your web sites. Naturally, in order for you to run just a single resource-hungry web site or several smaller sites, you will need extra power as a whole, so that the superior the VPS package, the more hdd storage you will have. Switching between the different plans is very easy and the further storage space will be added to your account without transferring any data or stopping/restarting your server, so when you reach the storage limit of your present package, you are able to upgrade with just a few mouse-clicks from your billing panel. Since we offer you several website hosting Control Panels with our virtual private servers, you have two options for the disk space control - using Hepsia, all of the sites share the overall server storage space, while using cPanel and DirectAdmin you can make separate accounts for your domains and set an allocation for every single account.
Disk Space in Dedicated Servers
The minimal hard disk storage available with our dedicated servers is 500 GB. You'll have a pair of hard disks, 250 GB each, and it will be up to you the way you'll utilize this storage space. You may have the hard drives in RAID, so that all your content will be secured as one drive will function as a real-time mirror of the second one, or you are able to make them operate on their own, to use the full storage space volume that will be available to you. The disk space of all of our Linux dedicated service is sufficient for everything - major Internet shops, data depository portal, personal archive backup, and many other things. We'll never restrain your sites with regard to the HDD storage they can use. In case that they begin increasing, we offer you the opportunity to add additional hard drives to your existing server as required. When you obtain the server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the hosting Control Panel, you're able to set up an independent account for each and every hosted domain name and set some hdd storage space quota for it. Using Hepsia all domains will be hosted in a single and they will share the whole server storage.