Invitation Only - Private email for private people

Private - Secure - Encrypted

Anonymous - Private


What you provide to us during the invitation is all the information we have. Pick your email handle and we will add @TOPB.COM at the end.
Secure - encrypted


Mailboxes are secure and encrypted using 256 bit encryption process using multiple stream transmissions. Send and receive email with OpenPGP Encryption Keys.
No ads, bots, spiders, sniffing


Your email content is safe and secure. No ADS, Tracking, bots or content sniffing. Send and receive emails knowing only you and your recipient can see. 

No Ads, No Bots, No Sniffing

Rest assured that your email is safe, secure and encrypted. We do not store or scan emails. We make sure your emails are protected to your people. 256 bit encrypted webmail. SSL secured email settings to use with your email client. OpenPGP Encryption Enabled.
Private Servers in 5 countries, Anti Google, Anti Amazon Systems.